Brandon Marshall is a Disgrace to the NFL.

BrandonMarshall2_t220Brandon Marshall..we get it okay?  You want out of Denver.  You want more money.  You want people to respect you.  Well guess what? All those things need to be earned and quite frankly you haven’t done one thing to deserve a damn thing!  You’ve been accused of numerous domestic assaults.  You got into it with an Orlando police officer in 2004.  Oh and what about that DUI back in ’07?  To top it all off, you were suspended by new head coach Josh McDaniels yesterday for being an idiot and making a mockery of practice (Click here to view the video of Marshall’s behavior).  You should be thankful that you are even allowed to be on a professional football field!  Do you actually think that there is another team out there that wants to deal with you?  Yes, you are immensely talented, but with the antics you pull on a regular basis, not even the Raiders will have you.  Grow up and realize you are a pro ball player.  Be thankful for what you have and keep your mouth shut and stop disrespecting the game.



  1. first of all this article is absolute nonsense…Marshall is legit….past two seasons he was top 3 in most receptions…he is def up there for top elite receivers in the league….McDaniels is the one to blame…look at cutler….how do u say cassel is better than cutler come on here….there is more going on in denver than we know…and alot more than you DBO!!!…..Marshall is coming to the JETS soon and I will be glad to take him!

    • the jets would jump into bed with a piece of shit like marshall…don’t see the class act new york giants lining up to sign him..enjoy

      • yea bc they just deal with other wide receivers out on the town with loaded guns in their sweat pants!!!…enjoy

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