Is Bigger Better?

"Bobble, Bobble"

"Bobble, Bobble"

Rawlings’ new helmet has people all around Major League Baseball buzzing.  The s100 offers players protection against 100 MPH fastballs to the head.  The standard helmet, which has been used for years, can only realistically withstand about an 80 MPH direct blow.  Depsite the fact that the new lid offers enhanced protection, the majority of players say they would never wear it.  Mets outfielder Jeff Francoeur  has been the most vocal player against the new helmet.  Francoeur has said that the helmet is too bulky and uncomfortable and he doesn’t even believe that it offers a safer alternative.  “You get hit with a 94, 95 in the head like that it’s going to hurt — no matter what you’re wearing, I think,” he said. “You can say all you want that it’s all protective, but at the same time it doesn’t seem like anything can fully protect you, you know?”

Ryan Dempster

Ryan Dempster

Even though many of the players have spoken out against it, they might not have a choice in the near future.  On Monday, Rawlings and Minor League Baseball reached a deal that requires the helmet to be used exclusively in 2010.  Samples have already been shipped to all Minor League clubs and a few S100’s have popped up in the Majors as well.  David Wright, who returned from a concussion sustained after getting hit with a 94 MPH Matt Cain fastball, has vowed to use the helmet for the rest of his career.  “If it provides more safety, then I’m all for it,” said the All-Star third baseman.  It looks to me like the S100 is here to stay.  What do you guys think about the helmet?  Personally, I think it makes players look like human bobble heads, but if it can prevent a concussion, I guess I’d be all for it.


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  1. It makes them all look like little leaguers again…Let’s see Victorino try it on.

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