Shattered Dreams…

See ya!!

See ya!!

I love going to the ballpark with my father.  We always seem to have a great time.  I actually just did a trip with my dad to Baltimore to see my beloved Yanks beat up on the poor Orioles.  I have many great memories of being at the ballpark with him, but I have never had him catch me a foul ball.  Not even close, not once.  When I was a kid I always dreamed of him reaching in front of 20 other guys and snatching a frozen rope with his bare hands.  He would then hand me the ball and I’d be the happiest friggen kid alive.  My dream came true for someone else last night at the Phillies game, and what did she do??? She threw it back! Damn!!  Her dad made the dream catch and she sent it overboard.  The only good thing that could have come out of that move is if she got signed just like in Rookie of The Year.

Rookie Of The Year

Rookie Of The Year

I apoligize though, it really isn’t her fault.  She’s like 5 years old so it’s not even fair to blame her, so I’m going to blame daddy.  What are you thinking pal??  Your little girl is barely able to eat her ice cream bar without getting it all over her pink shirt and you immediately hand her the baseball??  Rookie move Steve Monforto!  You have to sit her down and explain to her the significance of this great event.  You have to tell her that this is a moment that she will remember forever.  A moment that she will tell her children when she takes them to the ball park.  You have to explain to her that she needs to keep this ball with her as long as she lives!  I mean she does have a pretty good story to tell now, but still, she threw the ball back!  I guess I can forgive you for getting caught up in the moment and all, but c’mon man think these things through next time!  That is if you ever get a “next time.”  Check out the video below to see what happened last night.



  1. i love how all the vidz here are copyright infringed before i can even see them…

  2. hahahah saw this last night….such a great video….that girls gonna look back in 20 years and laugh pretty damn hard

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