Surprise! Find out who the Browns’ QB Is On Sunday.

eric-mangini529I actually like the way Eric Mangini has handled the starting quarterback situation in Cleveland. Both Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson had an equal chance to showcase themselves, and in the end, one separated from the pack. Personally, I would have to think the starter will be Brady Quinn, who finished the preseason strong by going 11-15 for 128 yards and a TD against the Titans. It makes perfect sense to finally see if Quinn can be the starter that they drafted. He has played sporadically the past few years and with him and Anderson sharing time, it didn’t allow him to find any sort of rhythm. If I am right, and Quinn is the starter, I expect to see a sharper, more relaxed #10 this season. People forget that two years ago the Browns were a 10-6 team and just missed the playoffs because of a tie-breaker. Stability in the passing game and a new head coach should allow the Browns to return to form and be a dangerous team in the AFC North. I’m not saying they’re gonna knock off the defending champion Steelers, but they will definitely contend. But back to the QB situation, who do you think the starter is? I think Vegas should take bets on this one.