Congratulations Derek Jeter.

Congratulations to the Yankee Captain for breaking the Yankees’ All-Time Hits record that stood for over 70 years! Rays Yankees Baseball


Yanks Bounce Back In Big Way

yankssoxThe Yankees had lost 9 straight against the Boston Red Sox, until last night’s 13-6 victory, and in the beginning of the 2009 season everyone and their mother counted out the Yankees saying no way they would win the east.  Now I know there is plenty of ball left to be played, but even ESPN’s Steve Phillips (Noted Yankee Hater) can’t take away what the Yankees have done lately.  They are now 3.5 games ahead in the AL East.  Imagine where they would be right now if they split the first 8 games with the Sox.  Well I imagined it and for those scoring at home they’d be up by 7 games in the loss column at 70-38.  Right now it appears that both clubs are heading in completely opposite directions.  The Sox have been hit by the injury bug and have been plagued by underachieving star players such as Kevin Youkilis (.244 and .263 in June/July) and Jason Bay (.230 and .192 in June/July).  Adding to their woes, all that early season steroid talk that was supposed to haunt Alex Rodriguez has now found a new home hanging out over David Ortiz’s head.   The Yankees on the other hand have a bona fide MVP candidate in Mark Teixeira.  Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon show no signs of slowing down.  CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett and Joba Chamblerlain have been as good as any trio in the league the past few months.  Oh and what about that guy A-Rod with the hip problem?  Well he batted .289 with 7 homers in July and is off to a .350 start in August.  Throw in the emergence of Phil Hughes as a lights out setup man and Mariano to close, and this team has all the makings of a World Series Champion.  Once again there is a whole lot of baseball left to be played, but as of right now my money would be on the Yankees walking away with another AL East crown.