Brandon Marshall is a Disgrace to the NFL.

BrandonMarshall2_t220Brandon Marshall..we get it okay?  You want out of Denver.  You want more money.  You want people to respect you.  Well guess what? All those things need to be earned and quite frankly you haven’t done one thing to deserve a damn thing!  You’ve been accused of numerous domestic assaults.  You got into it with an Orlando police officer in 2004.  Oh and what about that DUI back in ’07?  To top it all off, you were suspended by new head coach Josh McDaniels yesterday for being an idiot and making a mockery of practice (Click here to view the video of Marshall’s behavior).  You should be thankful that you are even allowed to be on a professional football field!  Do you actually think that there is another team out there that wants to deal with you?  Yes, you are immensely talented, but with the antics you pull on a regular basis, not even the Raiders will have you.  Grow up and realize you are a pro ball player.  Be thankful for what you have and keep your mouth shut and stop disrespecting the game.


Drama Queen? I’m not so sure.

Sucks to be Tavaris Jackson..

Sucks to be Tavaris Jackson..

Brett Favre is a drama queen.  Brett Favre is selfish.  Brett Favre is this, Brett Favre is that.  But is he really?  I’m not so sure.  Yes, it feels as if he retired a million times in the past couple of years, but I actually think that he was trying to be sincere each time.  I truly think it has been so difficult for him to leave the game, that he has actually tried to lie himself into thinking he was retired.  The fire and passion that burns inside of him is obviously so hard to extinguish.  He has tried and tried to put it out, but he just can’t.  This past offseason he probably thought it was finally gone, but it obviously came back strong.  Favre gets villain-ized in all this, but it really isn’t his fault.  I would blame us in the media who do the reporting.  We tend to beat the story to death.  So much so, that it actually pisses fans off when they constantly hear about it.  Favre doesn’t want to piss fans off.  He doesn’t want to be seen as a villain.  This story is just another product of our media system that keeps feeding us until we are too full and get sick to our stomachs.  I have no problem with Favre wrestling with the idea of retirement and coming back.  It is so tough to just drop what you love and leave it behind, especially when you truly feel you have something left in the tank.  Favre, alongside Adrian Peterson, makes the Vikings one of the best teams in the league and a Super Bowl contender.  The Vikings will sell more tickets and the NFL will sell more jerseys because of this deal, so I have no problem with it whatsoever.  Yes, Favre goes back and forth and it drags on, but do you really blame him for not giving up what he has done so well his entire life?  I don’t blame him and I think if he thinks he has something left then it will be a good fit in Minnesota.