Shattered Dreams…

See ya!!

See ya!!

I love going to the ballpark with my father.  We always seem to have a great time.  I actually just did a trip with my dad to Baltimore to see my beloved Yanks beat up on the poor Orioles.  I have many great memories of being at the ballpark with him, but I have never had him catch me a foul ball.  Not even close, not once.  When I was a kid I always dreamed of him reaching in front of 20 other guys and snatching a frozen rope with his bare hands.  He would then hand me the ball and I’d be the happiest friggen kid alive.  My dream came true for someone else last night at the Phillies game, and what did she do??? She threw it back! Damn!!  Her dad made the dream catch and she sent it overboard.  The only good thing that could have come out of that move is if she got signed just like in Rookie of The Year.

Rookie Of The Year

Rookie Of The Year

I apoligize though, it really isn’t her fault.  She’s like 5 years old so it’s not even fair to blame her, so I’m going to blame daddy.  What are you thinking pal??  Your little girl is barely able to eat her ice cream bar without getting it all over her pink shirt and you immediately hand her the baseball??  Rookie move Steve Monforto!  You have to sit her down and explain to her the significance of this great event.  You have to tell her that this is a moment that she will remember forever.  A moment that she will tell her children when she takes them to the ball park.  You have to explain to her that she needs to keep this ball with her as long as she lives!  I mean she does have a pretty good story to tell now, but still, she threw the ball back!  I guess I can forgive you for getting caught up in the moment and all, but c’mon man think these things through next time!  That is if you ever get a “next time.”  Check out the video below to see what happened last night.


Congratulations Derek Jeter.

Congratulations to the Yankee Captain for breaking the Yankees’ All-Time Hits record that stood for over 70 years! Rays Yankees Baseball

His “Airness” Takes His Throne Today.

michael_jordan1242892345There are so many different things that I could write about Michael Jordan.  There’s so many that, even with me being unemployed and having nothing to do, I still can’t list all of them!  Michael Jordan is set to be inducted into the Hall of Fame today and will “officially” go down as the greatest basketball player to ever live.  The man did it all.  He was a star at the University of North Carolina and led them to a National Championship in 1982 by draining the game winner against Georgetown.  He was then drafted 3rd overall to the Chicago Bulls in 1984.  Can you actually believe that the Portland Trail Blazers chose Sam Bowie over Jordan that year?  Just imagine where both franchises might be if the Blazers had any draft sense.  Jordan was 3rd in the league in scoring during his rookie season and won the Rookie of the Year Award.  MJ ended up winning 6 NBA titles with the Bulls, who were the NBA’s team of the ’90’s.  Jordan averaged 30 points or more for 7 straight years from 86-93, and hit the 30 point average mark 8 times in his career!  He averaged 37.1 PPG in 86-87!  Are you kidding me?? That is unheard of in the modern day of basketball!!  Here are some other career numbers to put things in perspective.  He is a 5 time NBA MVP, 14 time All-Star, 3 time All-Star MVP, 10 time NBA First team, 9 Time Defensive First team and 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist.  Oh and he even went to play Minor League Baseball during his first retirement, and although his batting average was terrible, he drove in 51 runs and stole 30 bases! Yes, he actually swiped 30 bags! Unreal for a guy who hadn’t played baseball since high school.  In the end, we will never see another player who will even come close to Michael Jordan.  No player will be able to duplicate the intensity, the swagger and the number of game ending daggers he delivered throughout the playoffs (see Cleveland Cavs, Utah Jazz, NY Knicks etc.).  LeBron? His story is still unfolding, but he isn’t even in the Jordan mold.  Kobe?  He’s probably the closest there will ever be.  But, once again, there will never be another MJ.  Check out the video below, it’s still amazing after all these years.

Surprise! Find out who the Browns’ QB Is On Sunday.

eric-mangini529I actually like the way Eric Mangini has handled the starting quarterback situation in Cleveland. Both Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson had an equal chance to showcase themselves, and in the end, one separated from the pack. Personally, I would have to think the starter will be Brady Quinn, who finished the preseason strong by going 11-15 for 128 yards and a TD against the Titans. It makes perfect sense to finally see if Quinn can be the starter that they drafted. He has played sporadically the past few years and with him and Anderson sharing time, it didn’t allow him to find any sort of rhythm. If I am right, and Quinn is the starter, I expect to see a sharper, more relaxed #10 this season. People forget that two years ago the Browns were a 10-6 team and just missed the playoffs because of a tie-breaker. Stability in the passing game and a new head coach should allow the Browns to return to form and be a dangerous team in the AFC North. I’m not saying they’re gonna knock off the defending champion Steelers, but they will definitely contend. But back to the QB situation, who do you think the starter is? I think Vegas should take bets on this one.

LeGarrette Blount Slams Bronco, Career to the Blue Turf..

I’m sure you all saw this clip from the Thursday where Oregon Senior running back LeGarrette Blount blasted Boise State’s Byron Hout after he slapped Blount’s shoulder pad and taunted him following the game.  If you happened to miss it, check out the clip below, there are plenty of replays.

That was a shot of Mayweather proportions, quick and painful! Blount was suspended for the whole year on Friday, ending his Oregon career. He set a school record with 17 TD’s last season, but this one move may cost him his entire pro career. It’s really a shame because although I do not believe in blasting someone in the jaw after a game, both teams should not be walking off the field together. After a heated game of football, emotions are definitely off the charts. The fact that Hout was able to provoke Blount is unacceptable and it’ something the NCAA needs to look into. They are all caught up with having team handshakes before the games, but the real problems happen during and after the games. I am not excusing Blount’s behavior, but he was put into a situation where something was bound to happen. The NCAA needs to look into this issue deeper and decide if both teams should leave the field separately. If not, you may see more and more talented players’ careers crushed because of one incident.

Is Bigger Better?

"Bobble, Bobble"

"Bobble, Bobble"

Rawlings’ new helmet has people all around Major League Baseball buzzing.  The s100 offers players protection against 100 MPH fastballs to the head.  The standard helmet, which has been used for years, can only realistically withstand about an 80 MPH direct blow.  Depsite the fact that the new lid offers enhanced protection, the majority of players say they would never wear it.  Mets outfielder Jeff Francoeur  has been the most vocal player against the new helmet.  Francoeur has said that the helmet is too bulky and uncomfortable and he doesn’t even believe that it offers a safer alternative.  “You get hit with a 94, 95 in the head like that it’s going to hurt — no matter what you’re wearing, I think,” he said. “You can say all you want that it’s all protective, but at the same time it doesn’t seem like anything can fully protect you, you know?”

Ryan Dempster

Ryan Dempster

Even though many of the players have spoken out against it, they might not have a choice in the near future.  On Monday, Rawlings and Minor League Baseball reached a deal that requires the helmet to be used exclusively in 2010.  Samples have already been shipped to all Minor League clubs and a few S100’s have popped up in the Majors as well.  David Wright, who returned from a concussion sustained after getting hit with a 94 MPH Matt Cain fastball, has vowed to use the helmet for the rest of his career.  “If it provides more safety, then I’m all for it,” said the All-Star third baseman.  It looks to me like the S100 is here to stay.  What do you guys think about the helmet?  Personally, I think it makes players look like human bobble heads, but if it can prevent a concussion, I guess I’d be all for it.

Brandon Marshall is a Disgrace to the NFL.

BrandonMarshall2_t220Brandon Marshall..we get it okay?  You want out of Denver.  You want more money.  You want people to respect you.  Well guess what? All those things need to be earned and quite frankly you haven’t done one thing to deserve a damn thing!  You’ve been accused of numerous domestic assaults.  You got into it with an Orlando police officer in 2004.  Oh and what about that DUI back in ’07?  To top it all off, you were suspended by new head coach Josh McDaniels yesterday for being an idiot and making a mockery of practice (Click here to view the video of Marshall’s behavior).  You should be thankful that you are even allowed to be on a professional football field!  Do you actually think that there is another team out there that wants to deal with you?  Yes, you are immensely talented, but with the antics you pull on a regular basis, not even the Raiders will have you.  Grow up and realize you are a pro ball player.  Be thankful for what you have and keep your mouth shut and stop disrespecting the game.

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